Marketing package for your webinar


Actively marketing your webinar plays a critical role in getting exposure and attendees. This marketing package from We Speak offer the feature that we market your webinar on your behalf on social media.

Without paid marketing you will need to advertise and market your webinar yourself and through your own network.

This is a marketing package for We Speak to advertise your webinar on Facebook. Using our own account we use 50% of the revenue to develop and design a single ad campaign for your webinar. The remaining 50% we use as paid marketing spent on Facebook to place your webinar in-front of their clients that would be interested.

Have you seen our webinar about the power of a webinar.

Powerfull stuff!

PS. The full available 50% of the purchase price is allocated to Facebook paid ads, however Facebook doesn’t always use the full amount as their ad delivery is based on interest. They do however guarantee 80%+ usage of the budget amount. If Facebook doesn’t use the full amount, we retain the value for us for work done. We unfortunately┬ádon’t refund any amount that Facebook does not use as this is out of our control.