Downloaded video of your webinar


All our webinars that run on Demio are recorded by default. The webinar video recording is available for later use on the Demio platform. With this specific offering from We Speak, we manually download your webinar video and send it to you in a HD video format.

As all our webinars are recorded as online videos. The default video remains on Demio, where the webinar was given. We can download your webinar in a high definition video format file that you can use anywhere. You can load it on your website or YouTube channel or even on your social media pages.

This is a manual process and as the video file tend to be quite large, we send you your video file using WeTransfer.

This is a great feature to use the video for training or marketing as your will. You can even edit the video with your companies logo after you receive it.

Have you seen some of our customers cool videos online.

Here is an example.